Heritage Restoration Australia, Wrought Artworks

Some important restoration and reproduction heritage metalwork projects include:

  • QE ll Gates - Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Sydney University Quadrangle Gates
  • Centennial Park Palisade fencing and Reservoir gate (won NationalTrust heritage Award)
  • Hickson Road- The Rocks overbridge railings
  • Dawes Point - Sydney Harbour foreshore balustrading-160 meters
  • Lamposts - The Rocks
  • Bronze bench seats along Glebe Point Rd
  • Cast Iron windows- Australian Technology Park
  • The Scots College- New heritage forged iron fencing
  • Grissel building- Restoration of Trusses
  • Bond Store, Millers Point- 3.3m x 12m Lattice gates
  • Oxford St Park -  Cast iron work
  • Redfern Park fountain- cast iron scroll reproduction
Heritage Restoration Australia, Wrought Artworks
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