Cast Iron Work / Grissel Building Trusses 1860

These heritage trusses are from the original Glassworks site at Greensquare, now owned by Meriton.

The 9m long x 3m high wrought iron trusses were badly bent and required straightening.
Alterations to the  trusses fabric during its life and accretions of age had to be removed.
Many of the cast iron compression struts and end brackets were badly broken and corroded
necessitating the manufacture of pattens and core boxes to facilitate the casting of new cast iron members.

Most of the original bolts where salvaged and re-threaded and cycled back into the project,
where necessary new bolts where made to match the original dimensions and profile.
Specially constructed cradles were constructed to transport the completed trusses to and
from the paint shop and to site to protect the trusses from bending.

Client: International Conservation Services.

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